Forming a New Sport Club

UW-Stout students interested in starting a new club should submit a proposal to the Sport Clubs Executive Board. The proposal should be emailed to and include the following information:
  1. A mission/purpose statement that includes why UW-Stout would benefit from the addition of the organization.
  2. Roster of at least 10 interested students (along with each student's year in school) demonstrating the demand for the club.
  3. List of officers and responsibilities of each officer.
  4. Yearly calendar of proposed activities for the club.
  5. Yearly budget of expenses and revenues, including dues and fundraising.
  6. A statement outlining the risks associated with participation in the activity.
  7. The name(s) and contact information for any league or local/state/national governing body or association, if applicable.
Once received, the Executive Board will schedule a meeting with the proposed club's officers to discuss the proposal. If accepted, the Sport Clubs President will draft a letter of support to the SSA Organizational Affairs Director and assist the new club in completing SSA recognition paperwork. The new club may begin formal club activities only after recognized by the SSA as a student organization.