What memberships do students need to purchase?

There are only two memberships a student would need to purchase in order to have access to all of Urec's programs and facilities. The Health & Fitness Center requires a membership to use it's services and the Stout Adventures Climbing Wall requires a membership. If you want to use both the HFC and the Climbing Wall, you need to purchase two separate memberships or the fitness/climbing dual membership.

What membership options are available to Faculty/Staff and the Community?

Faculty/Staff can purchase the same memberships as students, but at a slightly higher cost. Community members may purchase memberships for the Climbing Wall and for the facility. Community memberships to the Health & Fitness Center are not available. For a complete list of membership options please see our memberships page.

Why does Urec charge a membership fee to the Health & Fitness Center?

The HFC is a completely self supported operation meaning that no tuition dollars or seg fees are collected to keep this department open. Therefore, a membership fee is required to pay student wages, maintain and clean equipment, upgrade equipment, purchase supplies and offer programs

How do I reserve facility space?

For most facility requests contact the Rec/Athletic office at 232-4078 ahead of time and make a reservation. To reserve the Challenge Course or Climbing Wall, please contact Stout Adventures directly at 232-5625. To reserve the Golf room or racquetball courts, please contact the Urec office at 232-1392.

Why do I need to bring my Stout ID?

Your Stout ID provides our staff with a photo ID of each member and helps our staff verify that you are currently enrolled as a student or employed as a staff member. This also serves as a safety measure to account for those using our facilities.

Why doesn't my card work swiping in at Urec?

The following questions should be asked if you run into this issue:

Did I successfully activate my Stout ID?

Am I using my most recent ID?

Is my mag strip damaged?

Do I have a hold on my Stout account?

Contact the card office if you need help with any ID issues.

What is the difference between Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs?

Intramural Sports is a department within Urec that provides the structure for competitive and non-competitive sport play. Intramural Sports trains officials, provides facility space, jerseys, equipment and league scheduling. Sport Clubs are entirely run by student members. A Sport Club is responsible for scheduling their own practices and meetings, recruiting members, requesting funding, arranging travel and maintaining club equipment. The Assistant Director of Recreation and Sport Clubs Assistant Coordinator oversee the management of Sport Clubs.

Do I need to be a member of the Climbing Wall to register for Trips/Clinics or rent outdoor equipment?

No. Anyone, including community may register for Stout Adventures Trips & Clinics or use our extensive equipment rental center.

What equipment is offered at the pool?

Our Aquatics area offers a lot of equipment to enhance the participant's experience, including: noodles, dive bricks, pool buoys, kickboards, flippers, water weights, aqua joggers, a diving board and basketball hoop.

Does Urec offer swim lessons?

No we do not. This service is provided through the city of Menomonie and Menomonie High School.

How do I enter the pool?

Entrance can be gained to the pool area through the men's and women's general locker rooms.

Are there lockers available for members and participants?

Yes, inquire about our lockers at the Fitness Center. Room 53.

Why do I need to bring two pairs of shoes to the Fitness Center?

This policy helps keep our facility clean, safe, and functioning. Wet shoes cause our floor to be slippery and dirty.

Can I get a refund for my membership?

We only offer refunds for medical or military purposes. Refunds may be partial or full depending on the length of time into the membership.

How do I sign up for Intramurals?

Register for Intramural Sports at imleagues.com, or come to the Urec Office, SFC 41, for more information. Team schedules and results can also be found on imleagues.com.

Can I play on more than one Intramural Sports team?

You are allowed to play on more than one team in the same sport, but not in the same league. For example: If you are a male, you may not be on two men's teams, but can participate on a men's and a corec team.

What is the difference between recreation and competitive leagues?

Competitive leagues will play 5 games and if qualified, the playoffs. Teams will compete for a championship t-shirt. 

Recreation leagues will play 6-7 games, without playoffs. The winner of this league does not receive a t-shirt.

Additional Information

For any other questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Urec office. 715-232-1392 or urec@uwstout.edu