SVRI Archived Section Kim et al.

Vocational Rehabilitation in South Korea: Historical Development, Present Status, and the Future Direction

This article traces the historic development within the field of vocational rehabilitation in South Korea and describes the present status as well as problems in the development and delivery of vocational rehabilitation services. In South Korea, vocational rehabilitation services are provided by two governmental bodies, the Ministry of Labor’s Disabled Employment Division and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The efficiency and influences of the two service mechanisms are discussed and evaluated. Lastly, the importance of international exchange between South Korea and the United States is highlighted as well as suggestions for optimizing such international collaborations.

Oh, K., Kim, J. H., Rosenthal, D. A., & Lui, J. (2005).  Vocational rehabilitation in South Korea: Historical development, present status, and future direction.  Journal of Rehabilitation, 71(1), 49-55.