SVRI Archived Section Lui et al.

Preparing the Next Generation of Disability Managers: Field Experience Key to Understanding "Domain III"

Disability management has expanded in scope over the years, now encompassing three separate areas of responsibility, or domains as they are called. The third domain is the newest for most disability case managers: Program Development, Management, and Evaluation. This third domain, which was identified as part of the most recently conducted Role and Functions study sponsored by the Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission (CDMSC), has increasingly become part of disability management in response to employer demands. As this article will discuss, educators must encourage more students to broaden their academic pursuits, such as with courses in human resources management, organizational development, and business management. Field study to gain practical experience will also prove necessary for many students who will need to demonstrate a working knowledge of program design, implementation, and evaluation in order to practice disability management.

Lui, J., & Rosenthal, D. (2008). "Preparing the next generation of disability managers: Field experience key to understanding Domain III". Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Journal, 2(2), 10-13.