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A Survey of Current Disability Management Practice: Emerging Trends and Implications for Certification

This article summarizes the results of a recent role and function study completed in 2004 to determine the prevailing domains of disability management practice. The study was also conducted to establish an empirical basis for a certification exam for disability management specialists consistent with evolving standards of practice. Based on the expert panel’s input, a survey instrument was developed and distributed to a stratified, random sample of 1,500 disability management specialists. The results supported the subject matter experts’ process of analysis and identification of three knowledge domains; a) disability case management, b) disability prevention and workplace intervention and c) program development, management, and evaluation. Survey results are provided as well as implications for disability management practice.


Rosenthal, D.A., Hursh, N., Lui, J., Isom, R., & Sasson, J. (2007). A survey of current disability management practice: Emerging trends and implications for certification.  Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 50(2), 76-86.