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Intensive Evaluation: The Fusion of Vocational Evaluation and Assistive Technology

The intensive evaluation effectively combines vocational evaluation and assistive technology practices with a certified vocational evaluation specialist (CVE) and an assistive technology practitioner (ATP) collaborating on a five-day evaluation, usually for participants who have severe and multiple disabilities.  The CVE leads evaluation procedures and the ATP analyzes assistive technology and accommodation needs.  Traditional vocational evaluation tools such as interviewing, psychometric testing, career exploration, work samples, and situational assessment are utilized.  Observation of work performance and behavior is emphasized more than normative data.  The provision of two professional staff is necessary to allow for concentration on each discipline as well as collaborative brainstorming.  A multidisciplinary team approach is emphasized before, during, and at the conclusion of the intensive evaluation.  The three goals of the intensive evaluation are to increase participants’ performance, independence, and quality of life while emphasizing the “Four P’s” (purpose, passion, patience, and professionalism) and making the evaluation fun.  

Pierson, A., Annis, J., James, K., Lubinsky, C., & Peterson, E. (2007). Intensive evaluation: The fusion of vocational evaluation and assistive technology. Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals Journal, 4(1), 30-38.