SVRI - Job Seeking Training Materials

Job Seeking Skills Training Materials

Boerner, L. A., Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, Projects with Industry, 2004, 41 pages, R. Fry (Ed.).

  • Job Seeking Skills Participant's Workbook, 204 pages.
    $17.95 Item Code JSSMR
  • Job Seeking Skills Instructor's Manual, 91 pages.
    $9.95 Item Code JSSW

Updated to include:

Use of the Internet in job seeking

  • How to find jobs in the private and government sector
  • On-line resumes
  • On-line applications

Current Labor Market information

  • Job forecasts for the future and hourly wage calculations

Updated Resource List

  • Current, quality materials selected from other sources on many topics related to job seeking and job keeping

Interviewing tips

  • Appropriate dress and manners for the interview

Spiral binding

  • Opens flat for easier classroom and individual use

UW-Stout's JSS materials address the following critical job search issues:

  • Knowing yourself and choosing job goals
  • Getting ready to find a job
    • planning the job search
    • applying for a job
    • informational interviewing
    • dealing with rejection
  • Dealing with disability related issues
    • the ADA and how it affects hiring
    • if and when to disclose your disability
    • explaining your disability
  • Getting a job and keeping it
    • company rules and fitting in
    • doing the job right
    • working with others
  • What's next? You've got the job - where do I go from here?

The workbook becomes a take-home resource following classroom use and can be used as a future reference for job seeking.