SVRI - Goodness of Fit

Goodness of Fit: A Guide to Conducting and Using Functional Vocational Assessments

Wheeler, J., The Rehabilitation Resource, 1996, 41 pages. $13.00 Item Code GOFA

People with disabilities continue to be severely unemployed and underemployed in this country. This fact remains despite years of advocating for their inclusion into the typical workforce. This high unemployment and underemployment rate can be traced, in part, to a lack of expertise in finding jobs that are a good match for these individuals. Employment agencies that have non-disabled workers as their customer base have techniques such as tests and interviews to match customers to employment. These techniques may be only marginally useful if the customer is a person with a disability. In order to assure a "goodness of fit" between people with disabilities and community employers, a different and broader manner of assessment needs to be undertaken. This method has come to be known as the Functional Assessment process. Functional Assessments can be conducted in several domains (i.e., life spaces) depending on the environments being assessed. The focus of this book is on helping to ensure a "goodness of fit" between the individual with a disability and the community businesses that employ them. A step-by-step process for conducting a Functional Vocational Assessment is presented and also a framework for job development and a plan for assuring adequate and effective individualized support.

Chapter 1: How the Functional Vocational Assessment process differs from other evaluation strategies in content, purpose, and process.

Chapter 2: Describes the content of the Functional Vocational Assessment and provides the reader with a detailed outline for each of the suggested 18 content areas.

Chapter 3: Focuses on the process of collecting information for the Functional Vocational Assessment.

Chapter 4: Describes the documentation steps of the Functional Vocational Assessment process and provides the reader with examples from a completed assessment.

Chapter 5: Discusses the collaboration process to develop a Job Development and Support Plan that will direct the job search efforts for individual clients.