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What is Vocational Evaluation?

Vocational evaluation is a process during which participants try out work tasks and participate in various tests to learn about their vocational strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Participants receive career counseling on realistic job goals and leave the evaluation with recommendations of the steps they should take to achieve these goals.

What to expect from a typical evaluation:

  • Two to five days of activity
  • Orientation session
  • Comprehensive interview used to gather background information from client
  • Interest, achievement, and aptitude testing
  • Involvement in simulated work tasks to assess work behavior and performance
  • Career exploration
  • Recommendations relating to vocational goals
  • Final meeting to discuss evaluation results
  • Final report detailing evaluation results
  • Individualized process specific to each participant's goals

Types of Evaluations: 

Customized Evaluation

SVRI offers Customized Evaluation Services in order to meet the needs of participants, referral sources, or employers. Each Evaluation is developed based on individual need so that maximum results can be attained.

Listed below are common services that have been utilized in the past to achieve valuable results; however, if you have unique needs, please contact us. SVRI Evaluators are available to assist you in designing the Customized Evaluation Service that will allow you to achieve your desired results.

  • Achievement, aptitude, and interest testing
  • Work skills assessment (utilizing work samples)
  • Community-based assessment
  • Transferable skills analysis
  • Work readiness assessment
  • Identification of customized employment options
  • Skill set identification to assist with the Job Development process
  • Goal validation
  • Career exploration and counseling
  • Job shadows and/or Informational interviews
  • Community living skills
  • Pre-driving evaluation and training
  • Case management services
  • Plan development
  • Post-secondary education navigation, such as:
    • Program shadows
    • Classroom shadows
    • Informational interviews with program representatives
    • Meetings with disability services, housing, financial aid, and/or admissions
    • Advocacy


Intensive Evaluation

An intensive evaluation integrates assistive technology into the vocational evaluation process. A vocational evaluator and an assistive technologist work "two-on-one" with the individual during the evaluation. The potential for technology to enhance a person's vocational options is determined through the assessment process. Specific recommendations and strategies for implementing these recommendations are presented in a formal staffing and in a written report.

What is a Community Living Assessment?

Community living assessments help participants and their families  determine the best living situation for a participant and independent  living areas to continue building skills in.  Recommendations address a  variety of issues that may include housing options, community resources, transition planning, and remedial skill development.

Additional Community Living Assessment information:

  • Assess activities of daily living, including:
    Cooking, Cleaning, Meal Planning, Shopping, Health/Safety, Budgeting, Transportation, and Knowledge of Community Resources
  • Activities are done within a fully functioning apartment lab setting
  • Assist with determining best living situation and areas to continue building skills
  • Vocational skill sets can be assessed as well, upon request 

What is Pre-Driving Evaluation and Training?

A driving simulator provides an opportunity for individuals to safely practice skills necessary for driving.  Many types of situations are available to allow individuals to apply their knowledge in a realistic, but simulated, environment.  This allows SVRI staff to evaluate a potential driver's strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations.  The driving simulator training can be individualized and ranges from basic to advanced.
Click here for more information on Pre-Driving Evaluation and Training

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  • Meals available at Student Center when classes are in session
  • Fewer meal options directly on campus during summer months
  • Many restaurants within walking distance (2 - 3 blocks)
  • Delivery options

Personal and Nursing Care Assistance

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Contact Person: Donna Ernst
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*Cares can include night-time supervision, meals, personal cares, transportation

How to Make a Referral

  • Contact Luanne Reckin for scheduling information, 715-232-2513,
  • Contact Evaluation Services Manager Casey Lubinsky with questions regarding referrals, 715-232-2115,
  • Provide basic information about participant when scheduling
  • Access referral form and e-mail it to Luanne Reckin, or call and provide this information
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