Ceremonies and Receptions

Make the Most of Your Special Day

Experience your special day with us in one of three large areas we have available in the Memorial Student Center: 

Crystal Ballrooms Board of Regents Gala Crystal Ballroom Head Table


  •  Largest single space available
  • Capacity of 600
  • Raised Stage
  • Built in Dancefloor
  • Two drop down screens/projector
  • Can be split in to Halves or Quarters
  • 1/2 Day Pricing (4 hrs. or less):$535.00
  • Full Day Pricing (4+ hrs): $ 895.00


  • Three separate spaces that can combine into one long space
  • Lower ceiling with Crystal Chandeliers
  • Bank of Windows at end of Rooms
  • Parquet floor entire length of rooms
  • 1/2 Day Pricing(Less than 4 hrs.): $380.00
  • Full Day Pricing(4+ hrs.):$630.00
(detailed photographs here)


  • Booth Seating around Edge
  • Intimate Setting with Open Center
  • Raised Stage Available
  • Built in dancefloor
  • Fireplace
  • Solid bank of Windows surrounding Room
  • 1/2 Day (Less than 4 hrs.): $310.00
  • Full Day (4+ hrs.): $515.00
(detailed photographs here)
Custom Lighting
BOR Ballroms Resized

 We Can Customize any lighting needs to match your event Colors! Here, it creates a wonderful atmosphere in the Crystal Ballrooms at the Board of Regents Gala.

Projector Screens
Light Projectors  Resized 2

The Great Hall and the Ballrooms provide two large Drop Down Projector Screens that can be used for any number of slideshows, videos, pictures, etc. This picture shows the Great Hall screens in use.

Terrace Windows
From Stage Pan Rezised

This is an example of the Terrace in regular lighting.  We can dim the lights, use colored spotlights, custom logo lights or turn on the fireplace for extra dramatic effect.

Terrace Stage and Lighting
Gobo Lighting Resized

 This is a great example of the atmosphere you can create with custom lighting and logos. The light in the center is an example of a Gobo, which we can have custom made for you in a design of your choosing, or choose from a wide variety of designs we already have!

The MSC is contracted with our in-house Catering Staff. Please find their information, menus and pricing here. 
For more information about our facilities, please contact Mandy Colby, Director of Conferences & Events at 715-232-1584 or colbym@uwstout.edu.