Tuition Rates

Undergraduate eStout


Special Course Fees

Special course fees represent charges in addition to the regular instructional fee and tuition to students enrolling in certain courses that have been approved for the assigning of such a fee.
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Customized Instruction


You can find the Audit Fees under the Undergraduate and Graduate tuition rates charts from above.

For more information on Auditing courses: Audit Classes

Other Fees

  • Dining Fees
  • Housing Fees and Information
  • Parking


All Balances must be paid in full prior to registration and/or transcripts being processed

Payment Options

Online, in Person and International
VISA now available for online payments

Dropping Courses-Refunding

Dropped course refunds are prorated based on the length of the class. Please check the schedule before you drop your course. There is a time limit for full refunds.
time schedule for course drop refunds