You can make a payment at NO CHARGE by using e-check with your Stout One Card

  1. Go to the Higher One website at
  2. Log in
  3. Go to the Online Statement ( make sure you have funds in this account)
  4. On the top-middle of the page carefully copy your account number and routing number ( DO NOT CUT AND PASTE)
  5. Log In to Access Stout Click on self service, then student center ,click on make a payment/view bill or you can go directly to the payment site
  6. Login in again
  7. Select the payment by either Current balance or Pay by term. To change the dollar amount you must select  Pay by term and change the amount in the box
  8. Fill out information making sure you select electronic check  for the payment method when using your Stout One card to avoid a processing fee
  9. Enter your account information, choose checking  for the account type
  10. Fill in your account information accurately
  11. To finalize the payment, double check the entered information, read the agreement and check the "yes, I have read the agreement "box.
  12. Then submit.
  13. You should receive a thank you confirmation and the payment will be applied to your student account
  14. The payment will NOT be debited from your bank account immediately. It is an overnight process and may take a couple of days
  15. Please carefully and accurately enter all account numbers to avoid extra fees
  16. If entered incorrectly, the payment could be returned and a non-refundable $20.00 fee will be assessed.
  17. If you have any questions, please call  UW- Stout Student Business Services 715-232-1656