Insufficient Funds (NSF) checks

If a check is returned unpaid by a bank for insufficient funds, account closed, or any other reason, the following actions will be taken:

1. A $20.00 , non-refundable returned payment fee will be assessed for each violation **

2. Fee's will be added to your student account on Access Stout

  • Non-students- a letter will be mailed  with  the total amount owed.

3.  A  hold will be placed on the student's account . Transcripts, registration, refunds,  diplomas,etc...  will be held up until paid.

4. Notification will be e-mailed to the student via Stout e-mail. If not a  current student notification will be mailed.

5. Payment for a returned check must be received in the form of cash, check, cashier's check or money order in the Student Business Services office or you can pay online via Access Stout.

6. If a payment is returned more than once,the same fees apply

** In addition: Late fees, finance charges, etc... may be charged  if a payment is returned

Insufficient Funds Web Checks

Web check payments returned as:   Unable to locate account, invalid account number, insufficient funds, account closed, etc.  are subject to the same rules as the Insufficient Funds checks as above.

eRefund Accounts returned are subject to the same fees as returned NSF checks and returned web checks