2013 IRS Form 1098-T/1098-E

Your 2013 IRS Form 1098-T/1098-E is available online

The IRS tax forms 1098-T for 2013 are available for you to view and print via a secure internet site at www.getmydocument.com


An email will be sent to your University email account from the UW System Administration Office telling you how to view and print your 1098-T. This form contains important tax information related to tuition, scholarships, and other information for calendar year 2013 which may be needed to complete either you or your parent’s 2013 tax return.

The email will be from: 1098@eforms.uwsa.edu. The subject line will be: UW-Stout Form 1098-T 2013 Tax Document Available. This email is secure and will contain a digital signature from the University of Wisconsin System.

The email will contain a hyperlink to a secure Getmydocument website and directions for logging into the website. After logging in to the Getmydocument website you will be able to view and print copies of your 1098-T tax form. Even if you are not ready to use the 1098-T form please view and print it before January 22, 2014.

Please save the email until after you have downloaded and printed your 1098-T. You will need the digital signature certificate number from the email to re-enter the Getmydocument website.

If you have any questions about this email contact the Student Business Services Office at 715-232-1656 or email sbservices@uwstout.edu