Ready for Success: Katarina Schieffer

By University Communications
July 17, 2015
Ready for Success: Katarina Schieffer

Photo: Katarina Schieffer


Fall Creek, Wisconsin


B.S. human development and family studies

Co-operative Education Experience

Assistant Center Director at The Bridge to Hope

What are the biggest challenges you faced on your way to success? 

The stress of choosing a path and following it. Thinking you know what you want to do in life, then being too afraid change it. The end-of-the-semester stress of finals and finding the motivation to finish strong. The last semester as a senior was definitely the hardest.

What stands out about your college experience? 

All of the individuals I came in contact with over the years of school -- friends and professors. Having a fun and carefree time with friends, observing the self growth from freshman through senior year. Also, studying abroad for the summer in Europe and developing a more open mind to different cultures. 

What’s next? 

I hope to attend graduate school in a few years for either social work or guidance counseling. Right now, I want to gain experience in the field and enjoy life.

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Ready for Success: Katarina Schieffer