Add-On Certification Early Childhood Special Education


UW-Stout offers an Early Childhood–Special Education (ECSE) birth through age 8 licensure to individuals enrolled in the UW-Stout B.S. in Early Childhood Education program. In addition to meeting all requirements for the B.S. in Early Childhood Education with birth through grade 3 certification, endorsement for Wisconsin #809 licensure will require completion of courses and field experiences identified below under requirements.

Upon completion of the B.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education with add-on certification, graduates will be eligible to teach birth through grade 3 general educations and birth through grade 3 special education in Wisconsin. All early childhood–special education coursework must have been completed prior to ECSE student teaching. However, ECSE student teaching may occur concurrently with enrollment in other coursework, normally during the last semester of coursework prior to commencing early childhood student teaching.


In addition to the Early Childhood Education program objectives, students who complete the Early Childhood–Special Education Certification program will be able to:

  1. Describe the characteristics, developmental, and education needs of young children who have or are at-risk of having disabilities.

  2. Develop, implement, justify, and evaluate the effectiveness of a family focused intervention model for young children with exceptional educational needs.

  3. Promote as much self-sufficiency and normalization as possible in young children with exceptional educational needs.

  4. Help assess and interpret the results of an assessment of the physical, cognitive, language, social-emotional, and adaptive development of young children with special needs.

  5. Develop and implement developmentally appropriate practices for children with special needs within chronological age appropriate settings.

  6. Interact collaboratively with families of young children with exceptional educational needs, and with colleagues and other service providers.

  7. Promote and teach in inclusive setting for young children with exceptional educational needs.

  8. Develop and implement Individual Education Plans and Individual Family Service Plans for children with exceptional education needs and their families.

  9. Access and utilize the full range of community services for children with exceptional educational needs.

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