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How to Solve Password Stress

Password security is the key to keeping personal information safe. How strong are your passwords? How often should you change a password? Where is the best place to store passwords?

Bad Password Habits
Steve Wise of Password Boss shares some of the most frequent password bad habits to break.

Tips for Strong, Secure Passwords
If you have difficulty creating a strong password that you will remember, try these tips from Connect Safely.

Get Secure: How To Use A Password Manager (Video 8 minutes)
If you are concerned about remembering unique passwords for numerous uses, Tekzilla explains how to use a password manager to encrypt and store your passwords. Many will even create unique secure passwords for you.


Tech Tip: The Best Free Password Managers for 2015

Neil J. Rubenking of PC Magazine compares The Best Free Password Managers for 2015 to help you maintain safe and secure passwords. Password managers encrypt, store and manage passwords for all of your online accounts.

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EDUC 641 Mobile Learning Instructional Design (for Chromebooks, cell phones, tablets, and iPads)
Instructor: Ann Bell

"The collaboration that took place during this class was amazing. It was like a professional development opportunity hopped up on steroids. I not only met a ton of professionals all over the country that use mobile devices to maximize their instruction and overall learning in the classrooms, but I learned specific strategies to use them effectively."
~ Don Smore, Coleman, Wisconsin

EDUC 650 Integrating Social Media Instructional Strategies
Instructor: Dr. Kay Lehmann

“I can honestly say that I learned a lot more than I expected for a 1 credit course. I had a baseline understanding of social media before, but I feel more equipped now to incorporate new ways of doing things into my courses.

I am so happy this course introduced me to www.tackk.com. My alternative education students will absolutely love the concept of making online posters and using their creativity and energy for productive endeavors. This class has been a challenge and a blessing; it’s my favorite class so far at UW-Stout.”
~ Jonathan Krahn, Hudson, Wisconsin

EDUC 656 Bullying in Schools
Instructor: Shannon Mersand

"This course is a must for new teachers as well as those who are already in the teaching profession as a refresher to see the latest ideas and programs to help combat bullying. It’s helpful to reflect on how bullying is a problem not only at school but in the workplace.”
~ Jesse Hess @ Racine, Wisconsin

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