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What is the Maker Movement?

Explore the maker movement and the maker mindset and what it means for igniting creativity, innovation and risk-taking.

MakerSpaces: What is a Maker Space? (video 3 minutes)
Liquid Wrench shares a short documentary interviewing members of Pumping Station about what a MakerSpace is and what it does.

How Making Expands Students’ Visions of Themselves
Aaron Vanderwerff discusses how embracing the Maker mindset has changed the way learners envision themselves and their futures.

What Makers Bring to Education
Marie Bjerede briefly, but powerfully shares some reasons why incorporating making and the maker mindset can have a profound impact on learning.


Tech Tip: 15 Mind Mapping/Brainstorming Tools

Jane Hurst shares the 15 best brainstorming and mind mapping tech tools to help organize, plan and spark creativity during project planning, assessment, thought organization and more.

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EDUC 660 Teaching for Creativity and Innovation: The Maker Culture
Instructor: Shannon Mersand

How can you support the learning by doing maker movement in your classroom or school library media center?
Learn evidence-based instructional strategies that support building models, prototypes, inventions and innovations and encourage creative problem solving and team collaboration across a wide range of subject matters and all grade levels. 

EDUC 665 Mindful Approaches to Classroom Management

What are the best strategies to increase students’ social-emotional learning, self-regulation, motivation and academic performance? 
Mindful approaches applied to student-teacher interpersonal communication, class climate, and to the organization of space, routines, and procedures at all grade levels. Includes strateagies for reducing text anxiety and bullying.

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