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Top Trends in Teaching and Training with E-Books

Explore the latest resources and innovations to effectively select, create, and publish digital e-books to enhance learning.

Current and Future States of the Publishing Industry, Part 3: Multimedia Interactivity with Books
Andrew Doty speculates on the power of interactive e-books. What happens when you take the “Choose Your Own Adventure” model of reader-guided storytelling and apply it to electronic book design for adults?

Creating eBooks
Sevhan Acar Hammudeh and Denise Mcqueen Ozdeniz describe the iPad apps and Websites which they have successfully used with students to create e-books including: Creative Book Builder, Scribble Press, and ePub Bud.

Modern Classroom Learning: Creating and Publishing Collaborative eBooks
Karin Schreier Hallett describes the process she used with her fifth-graders in creating e-books with the BookCreator app on the iPad.

Digital Textbooks: Show Me the Future!
Victor Rovero provides a comprehensive list of links to 27 leading e-book publishers as well as a listing of the most popular e-reader devices.

Use of e-Textbooks is Underway at UW-Stout and Expected to Grow
In UW-Stout’s pilot e-textbook project with 1,500 students in 40 undergraduate and graduate courses students were positive about the following features of e-textbooks: searchability, customization by instructor, and portability.

Understanding What Higher Education Needs from E-Textbooks (PDF)
Susan Grajek presents the findings and recommendations of the 2013 Educause pilot study on using digital textbooks including: cost, faculty development, IT support, and usability.

The Price is Right: 11 Excellent Sites for Free Digital Textbooks
Dian Schaffhauser provides an excellent list of higher ed textbooks which are available for free on various Websites on topics such as: accounting, engineering, biology, psychology, and sociology.

Inkling’s E-Books Put the Consumer in Charge
Taylor Kasti describes Inkling Habitat, digital publishing software which enables the collaborative creation of e-books on Apple devices via a unique interactive card model.


Tech Tip: Add Soundtracks to Your E-Books and How to Format eBooks in Microsoft Word

Dianna Dilworth explains how to use the new Booktrack http://www.booktrack.com/ app to add music and sound effects to e-books.


David Weedmark describes formatting tips to use when creating e-books in Microsoft Word.


National Honor Awarded to Dr. Susan Manning

Congratulations to Dr. Manning, recipient of the Sloan-C Awards Excellence in Online Teaching.

Consistently students’ end-of-course evaluations praise Dr. Manning’s exemplary module instructional design, effective video tutorials and web-based help sheets, highly interactive learning environment, engagement of learners in critical thinking activities, and personalized audio feedback on assignments. 

Student feedback indicates a very high satisfaction with how content and materials are chunked, and how the learning experiences are designed conceptually and aesthetically to provide an engaging learning experience.

Dr. Manning’s new course employs interactive games and simulations to model use of games for assessment, to support collaboration, problem solving, and decision making and to increase motivation and engagement during training activities and in the classroom. 

Manning demonstrates how a digital badge is an iconic representation of a skill, achievement, or activity, and can be one method to superimposing game structures to the learning process.

Dr. Manning teaches four online courses at UW-Stout.


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