EDUC 657 Effective Classroom Management

Online Course 2 semester hours graduate credit
This course will not be offered during 2015.
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Discover best practices of effective classroom management, how to establish a productive classroom climate, how to apply a variety of management techniques to help students become responsible for their behaviors and choices. Learn how to increase student motivation, build positive student-teacher relationships, and develop effective partnerships between parents and school. Includes strategies to minimize and prevent classroom and behavior management problems and time management techniques such as managing email, paperwork, planning, and classroom organization.

This course is an approved elective in the Master of Science in Education online degree program.

NOTE: You may enroll in this course to meet your goals for professional development, license renewal, or to complete graduate credits and transfer to another university.


An e-textbook will be provided when you login to the course. You may open the e-book to read online from your laptop or desktop. The e-textbook software is compatible with an iPad, Kindle Fire or fully internet-capable device. It is not compatible with a Kindle Reader.

Jones, V., & Jones, L. (2012). Comprehensive classroom management: creating communities of support and solving problems. (10th Edition) Prentice Hall. ISBN: 978-0132697088

If you prefer to read a hard copy of the textbook, instead of reading via your computer or tablet, you may purchase the paperback new or used from Note: Be sure to purchase the 10th edition.

Additional recommended web-based articles will be available via the course modules.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Summarize historical context of discipline and classroom management, describe major theories of human behavior and application to classroom management practices. 

  2. Analyze research-based instructional strategies for effective classroom management compatible with the developmental characteristics, learning styles and cultural backgrounds of students. 

  3. Self-assess organization of space, materials, equipment, procedures, and routines for scheduling instructional time. 

  4. Critique scenarios and analyze best practices for effective classroom organization to minimize disruptive behavior and increase engaged learning. 

  5. Apply organizational techniques and technologies to assist with time management of paperwork/email and efficiently manage transition time. 

  6. Apply methods for developing student-teacher rapport in the classroom and design learning activities to encourage positive social interaction, active engagement, and self-regulation for every student. 

  7. Analyze student learning styles and academic needs and ways to significantly increase student motivation. 

  8. Apply the principles of preventive discipline/management and supportive/corrective discipline/management. 

  9. Evaluate students' time on task and apply motivation techniques to improve on-task behaviors.

  10. Design cooperative learning and peer tutoring activities and utilize self and group assessment rubrics to assess group work and team activities. 

  11. Apply strategies to increase home/school collaboration to create a more effective learning environment. 

Alignment with Teaching Standards

Course objectives are aligned with the following:

Wisconsin Teaching Standards (WI DPI) 3, 5, 6, 9, 10

Wisconsin Educator Standards for Administration Development and Licensure (WI DPI) 3

No travel to campus is required. Because this class is online and open to you 24/7, you may participate from your home or work computer during hours that are flexible and convenient for your work and family schedule and responsibilities.

The class is highly interactive with a significant discussion component. All discussion postings, projects and assignments will be submitted via the course discussion board and dropbox. Activities are conducted according to a schedule with specific due dates each week; there are no required "live" chat sessions.

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Our Students Say. . .

"Wow, this has been an amazing class! I feel that I have learned so much during these last five weeks, and that I will be a much better, much more effective teacher because of this class. My mental rolodex of strategies is so much fuller than when I started."
~ Orchestra Instructor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I felt that the activities actually helped me organize my classroom better and run a "tighter" ship without sacrificing a friendly and open classroom climate. I thought the building of the personal portfolio was terrific. When I look at my portfolio, I don't see any areas that are missing--I cannot only get through each day, but I have the guidelines for the whole year! I am proud of my portfolio--I like the detailed and sequential format of what I do to be a more efficient and effective teacher. I actually think about it during the teaching day and how many graduate courses are that relevant?

The readings and discourse all led to a personally developed, relevant focus on classroom management. I particularly liked the discourse on motivation, positive reinforcement, and feedback. It really made me think about what I'm doing and how I can improve."
~ 7th Grade Math Teacher Okinawa, Japan

"I don't think I've ever had a professor grade my work as promptly. Vicki's positive responses made my day and reminded me to extend the same thoughtfulness and kindness to my students."
~ Elementary Teacher, New Delhi, India

"The instructor’s continual feedback let me know to keep forming my ideas about my teaching… I really feared that, with an online course, I wouldn't know if I was on the right track. I am excited because of the things I have learned about my teaching style and how to organize a classroom through this class. The articles we read really made me analyze what works for teachers."
~ Middle School Teacher Sembach, Germany

"It helped to open my eyes that I need to make sure my teaching style is varied to accommodate a variety of learning styles. The portfolio forced me to really think about my classroom environment, and the activities give new and veteran teachers a working document on how to keep their classrooms running smoothly. Great perspectives from my worldwide colleagues. I absolutely loved this."
~ 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher Belgium

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