Online Professional Development Faculty

As a UW-Stout online student, you will interact with experienced faculty experts who have many years of teaching experience and are dedicated to quality online education.

Anderson, Mary Alice Mackenzie, Jane
Bell, Ann
Manning, Susan
Coverstone, Paul O'Connor, Dennis
Huitt, Faith
Rouman, Maggie
Khalsa, Datta Kaur Stone, Nicholle
Lee, Shelley Turansky, Sara
Lehmann, Jim Williams, Renee
Lehmann, Kay Gullixson, Amy
Mersand, Shannon
Pickar, Tony
Patrick, Jamison
Campbell, Alan
Hicks, Maryruth

Reading Teacher and Reading Specialist Certification Faculty

Crum, Mary Beth
Harms, Paula
Hines, Emily
Howe, Jaimie
Lambie, Bethany
McElmeel, Sharron
Neumann-Kneeland, Heidi
Oleson, Abbie

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