Volume 7: Table of Contents

February 2011

AAACS Presidential Address
Patrick Slattery [PDF]

The New Conservative Coalition and Education: A Pragmatic Analysis of Gabbard’s Knowledge and Power
Jesse Goodman, Antonio Garcia, Cassie Quigley [PDF]

Reconceptualizing High School: Curriculum, Film, and Narrative Assemblies
Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, Kathryn Robayo Sheridan, Steve Noble (Only available in [PDF])

Autobiography, ‘Nation-ness,’ and the ‘Global Now’: Mapping the Commons of the post-9/11 American National Psyche (A Curriculum Inquiry Project)
JoVictoria Nicholson-Goodman [PDF]

As Quiet as it's Kept: The Life of Theory within the Life of A Teacher

Wesley Whitaker [PDF]

July 2011

“We Need a Saviour”: An Irreconciling Conversation about Curriculum
Kimberley A. Grant & David Jardine [PDF]

The Linguistic Re-turn: The Moral and Practical Imperative of “Language” in Curriculum Studies

Aria Razfar [PDF]

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