Benchmark III

Benchmark III: Portfolio Assessment

The UW-Stout School of Education Assessment System is designed so that candidate progress is reviewed at various points. Benchmark III is the final review that occurs at the culmination of student teaching (clinical practice). Upon completion of all degree requirements, candidates are endorsed for appropriate licensure.

Complete the following to be cleared for Benchmark III Review:

  1. Portfolio Assessment
  2. Final student teaching (clinical practice) assessment(s) including two written observations per quarter
  3. Disposition rating(s) from Cooperating Teacher(s)
  4. Instructional Technology Utilization Rubric
  5. Review of alignment summary

Preparing for the Review

Benchmark III Portfolio Assessment Rubric (used by faculty/staff interviewers) Please read this carefully before your interview.

Instructional Technology Utilization Rubric (to be filled out/signed by Cooperating Teacher(s))

Alignment Summary to be filled out by student prior to interview and maintained throughout all three benchmarks.