Benchmark II

Benchmark II: Admission into Student Teaching 

Benchmark II is the second level of review of the candidate's progress in the SOE assessment system at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  The purpose of the Benchmark II review process is to determine one's readiness for student teaching. The reviewers evaluate the candidate's ability to provide ePortfolio evidence of his/her higher level knowledge, skills, and disposition aligned to the SOE Conceptual Framework and InTASC Standards. Candidates that successfully complete the Benchmark II review are eligible for student teaching placement, pending satisfactory completion of all required courses and evidence of passing the PRAXIS II: Subject Assessment(s). 

Initial requirements for Benchmark II: 

  1. Submitted a completed Benchmark II Application
  2. Earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 at UW-Stout
  3. Taken or registered to take the Praxis II Exam
  4. Completed or enrolled in all Program Required Pre-Student Teaching Field Experience(s).
  5. Completed or enrolled in Education core courses.  (Minimum grade of "C" required for Benchmark II;some program standards may be higher)

Student Teaching Placement:

Student teaching placements will be coordinated for those candidates who have: 

  • Satisfied all Benchmark II requirements
  • Passed Benchmark II
  • Passed the Praxis II: Subject Assessment(s)

PHASE 1 - Benchmark II Application Review:  

Complete the Benchmark II Application two semesters prior to the student teaching term. The candidate will receive an e-mail indicating his/her Application Review Status (cleared/not cleared) and instructions for the ePortfolio Review if he/she has been cleared to proceed. 

PHASE 2 –Benchmark II ePortfolio Review:  

Submit your ePortfolio with artifacts and reflections that meet the requirements outlined in the Benchmark II Review Rubric. The ePortfolio will be reviewed to verify that it includes evidence and reflections from each of the seven (7) areas outlined in the rubric (see below). The Benchmark II Review is aligned with the edTPA, the InTASC Standards, and Danielson's Primary Domains. Embedded Signature Assessments (ESAs):

PHASE 3 - Dispositional Review:

Materials used during a candidate's dispositional review include, but are not limited to: results from background checks, Candidate of Concern, Candidate Interventions, and professional judgment of review team. The review team will utilize agreed upon dispositional guidelines laid out in the School of Education's "Statement of Values and Dispositions".

Interview Dates for 2016-17

Spring 2017 Student Teaching Benchmark II Interviews: September 26-September 30, 2016

Improvements to the Benchmark System