Benchmark I

Benchmark I: Acceptance into Program/School of Education

The UW-Stout School of Education Assessment System is designed so that candidate progress is reviewed at various points. Benchmark I is the first level where candidate progress is reviewed. The purpose of the Benchmark I review process is to determine your readiness to become a teacher candidate in one of the programs within the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Note: Professional education courses and program-specific pre-clinical, clinical, methods, curriculum, and evaluation courses can be taken only after you are accepted into teacher education via Benchmark I review. Starting on September 1, 2014 the Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) Tests will replace the PPST. 


Transfer students should apply for admission to the SOE during their first semester on campus, but they will not be eligible for admission until they have earned at least 12 credits at UW-Stout and have completed the other admission requirements listed below:

Complete the following to be cleared for Benchmark I Review:

1. Completed 40 semester credit hours at an accredited college (12 credits earned at UW-Stout)
2. Earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 at UW-Stout
3. Passed the National Background check - Good for 3 years
4. Passed the PPST or CORE tests (score reports must be provided to the School of Education Office: HERH 267)
PPST Reading     175/322
PPST Math         173/318
PPST Writing       174/320

CORE Reading   156
CORE Math        150
CORE Writing     162
   Scores from one of the following three college entrance tests:
  • The ACT Test: Composite Score of 23 with minimum score of 20 on English, Math, and Reading.  Note: Scores must be dated within the past five years at the time of application to teacher education.
  • The SAT Test: Composite Score of 1070 with minimum score of 450 on Math and Verbal.  Note: Scores must be dated within the past five years at the time of application to teacher education.
  • The GRE Revised General Test: Composite Score of 298 with minimum score of 150 on Verbal and 145 on Math.  Note: Scores must be dated within the past five years at the time of application to teacher education.
5. Completed or "In Progress" courses with a minimum grade of "C" required (some program standards may be higher)
  • English and Speech Courses; ENGL-101, ENGL-102, SPCOM-100
  • Introduction to the major course or CTE-302 (3 credits) for distance delivery students
  • EDUC-326 Foundations of Education course or CTE-302 Principles of Career and Technical Education
* Approval for BM I will be granted once grades of "C" or higher have been approved for "In Progress" courses

PHASE 1 - Application Review:

Complete the Benchmark I Application by February 15th for Spring Review and September 15th for Fall Review.

The candidate will receive an e-mail indicating their Application Review Status (cleared/not cleared) and provided instructions for the Portfolio Review if they have been cleared to proceed.

PHASE 2 - Portfolio Review:

Submit your ePortfolio by midnight March 1st for Spring Review and midnight October 1st for Fall Review.

The ePortfolio will be checked to verify that it includes the following artifacts:

  1. Signed School of Education Statement of Values and Dispositions (form found within the ePortfolio underneath "Professional Responsibilities")
  2. Resume
  3. Foundations of Education (EDUC-326) Final Project or Program Equivalent

PHASE 3 - Dispositional Review:

A group of program faculty will convene to perform a formal dispositional review of each candidate.

Upon completion of all three phases, candidates will be notified via e-mail whether they have successfully passed the Benchmark I Review.


Summary of Deadlines

Fall Benchmark I Review
September 15: application due
October 1: ePortfolio link due
October 15: notification of Benchmark I decision

Spring Benchmark I Review
February 15: application due
March 1: ePortfolio link due
March 15: notification of Benchmark I decision

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