Benchmark I

Benchmark I: Acceptance into Program/School of Education

The UW-Stout School of Education Assessment System is designed so that candidate progress is reviewed at various points. Benchmark I is the first level where candidate progress is reviewed. The purpose of the Benchmark I review process is to determine your readiness to become a teacher candidate in one of the programs within the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Note: Professional education courses and program-specific pre-clinical, clinical, methods, curriculum, and evaluation courses can be taken only after you are accepted into teacher education via Benchmark I review. Starting on September 1, 2014 the Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE) Tests will replace the PPST.  After that date, PPST scores can not be used for Benchmark I purposes.

Complete the following to be cleared for Benchmark I Review:

1. Completed 40 semester credit hours
2. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 at Stout
3. Passed the Wisconsin Background check [PDF] - Good for 3 years
4. Passed the PPST or CORE tests (score reports must be provided to the School of Education Office: HERH 267)
PPST Reading    175/322
PPST Math         173/318
PPST Writing      174/320

CORE Reading   156
CORE Math        150
CORE Writing     162
   Scores from one of the following three college entrance tests:
  • The ACT Test: Composite Score of 23 with minimum score of 20 on English, Math, and Reading
  • The SAT Test: Composite Score of 1070 with minimum score of 450 on Math and Verbal
  • The GRE Revised General Test: Composite Score of 298 with minimum score of 150 on Verbal and 145 on Math
5. Completed or "In Progress" courses with a minimum grade of "C" required (some program standards may be higher)
  • English and Speech Courses; ENGL-101, ENGL-102, SPCOM-100
  • Introduction to the major course or CTE-302 (3 credits) for distance delivery students
  • EDUC-326 Foundations od Education course or CTE-302 Principles of Career and Technical Education
* Approval for BM I will be granted once grades of "C" or higher have been approved for "In Progress" courses

PHASE 1 - Application Review:

Complete the Benchmark I Application by February 15th for Spring Review and September 15th for Fall Review.

The candidate will receive an e-mail indicating their Application Review Status (cleared/not cleared) and provided instructions for the Portfolio Review if they have been cleared to proceed.

PHASE 2 - Portfolio Review:

Submit your ePortfolio by midnight March 1st for Spring Review and midnight October 1st for Fall Review.

The ePortfolio will be checked to verify that it includes the following artifacts:

  1. Signed School of Education Statement of Values and Dispositions (form found within the ePortfolio underneath "Professional Responsibilities")
  2. Resume
  3. Foundations of Education (EDUC-326) Final Project or Program Equivalent

PHASE 3 - Dispositional Review:

A group of program faculty will convene to perform a formal dispositional review of each candidate.

Upon completion of all three phases, candidates will be notified via e-mail whether they have successfully passed the Benchmark I Review.


Summary of Deadlines

Fall Benchmark I Review
September 15: application due
October 1: ePortfolio link due
October 15: notification of Benchmark I decision

Spring Benchmark I Review
February 15: application due
March 1: ePortfolio link due
March 15: notification of Benchmark I decision

Additional Information