Praxis Tutor Hours

Appointment hours are effective January 27 - May 9


Please contact the Praxis Tutors to schedule an appointment:

Appointments typically last 1 hour in length but can be customized to student schedules.


What is the Praxis II?

All Wisconsin teacher education students must pass the content test to be eligible to student teach. Therefore, Benchmark II: Admission to Student Teaching in the School of Education requires candidates to pass the PRAXIS II content test for their specific teacher certification. PRAXIS II: Subject Assessments measure general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge in subjects that K-12 educators will teach. They include both multiple-choice and constructed-response test items.

More Information

Click here for information about preparing for the test, test registration, dates and locations.

For information about the tests directly related to UW-Stout, click here.

Information is also available in the Praxis Series Information Bulletin [PDF].

Be sure to use your name exactly as it appears on your UW-Stout permanent record when you register for and take the exam! 

On-Campus PRAXIS II Resources

University Library Resources

  • UW-Stout's University Library has Praxis II study guides that can be checked out.  They are located on the 4th floor of the main collection.  If you cannot locate these materials, please contact the reference librarian for more information.

Praxis Tutor Office Resources (111 Heritage Hall)

  • The Praxis Tutors Office has a number of Praxis II subject study guides that students can check out for one week (with the possibility of renewal).  Please contact the Praxis tutors for more information about what guides are available for check-out as well as specific check-out policies.
  • Additionally, the Praxis tutors can assist with general test-taking skills and test registration; however, because each Praxis II test covers specialized subject-content knowledge, the Praxis tutors cannot provide subject-specific tutoring for the Praxis II test.

Please contact the Praxis tutors to schedule an appointment:

Students can make an appointment during the designated "appointment hours" or drop-in during designated "drop-in" hours.  Drop-in hours should be used for quick questions, to pick up materials, or to make an appointment.


Facebook Page

The Praxis tutor office is excited to announce that we now have a Facebook page at! Students can “like” our page to get information about our office and the Praxis I test.

Any last-minute changes in office hours will be posted to the Facebook page, so students can check there before stopping by.

Periodically, we will be posting general tips and information that apply to the Praxis I tests. This information will be quick clarifications or explanations that are not covered on any of our in-office materials.

Lastly, our new Facebook page is a place for you to connect with other Pre-education and Education students with any questions or concerns regarding the Praxis exams. We encourage you to check our page often!

For those of you who have already passed your Praxis I, if you found our services to be helpful, please consider telling other Education majors about our Facebook page and our services. We appreciate you helping us pass our information on to students who could benefit from our services.

Register for the Praxis II

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Praxis II Resources

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