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We were blessed...

I don’t know if words can begin to express how our family feels about the Child and Family Study Center at UW-Stout.  We were blessed with having all four of our children attend the center, one from infancy.  The staff at CFSC welcomed our children so lovingly, that they instantly felt comfortable.  The focus on the child’s well-being was evident to us immediately and there is no doubt the center had a very positive impact on our children’s development, from infancy through preschool.  We could drop our kids off knowing they would be happy, stimulated and loved.  By the time our kids were kindergarten age, they were well prepared to start school both socially and intellectually.  The center can be credited for much of their excitement and readiness for school, something that is important to our family.  Further, the staff was always willing and open to discuss our children, and made it easy for us as parent’s to be knowledgeable and involved with our children’s daily activities.  Finally, and most important to us, the staff at the CFSC includes the type of people with whom you hope your children will interact and who will become a special part of their life.  We are so thankful they have become a part of our children’s life.

~ The Hopp Family

A unique experience...

It has been a unique experience having our children attend the very same preschool that I once did.  When it came time for our son and daughter to begin preschool, there was absolutely no question as to what my husband’s and my choice of schools would be.  UW Stout Child and Family Study Center was the only preschool we considered.  I have maintained many fond memories of my personal learning adventures at Stout’s CFSC, and it has been so rewarding watching our children develop and grow through the experiences that are cultivated in this program and educational environment.  The staff is incredibly dedicated and compassionate, lesson plans are stimulating and purposeful, and there is a very beneficial student to teacher ratio.  The program ensured  that my son was extremely well prepared for kindergarten, as I am sure my daughter will be as well.  I loved my time spent at the Child and Family Study Center as a preschooler, and the smiles on my children’s faces when they describe their time at school is a testament to how much they have loved it too!

~ Heifner Family