PI-34 Professional Educator

Wisconsin - Professional Educator

PI 34 requires that educators complete a Professional Development Plan (PDP) to renew a teaching license and advance to the Professional Educator phase. Verification of PDP completion is the responsibility of the educator's PDP Team.  

Professional educators who were licensed or eligible for licensure prior to August 31, 2004 may choose to complete Professional Development Plan to satisfy the professional growth requirement for license renewal.

Professional Development Plans

Our team at UW-Stout is prepared to work in partnership with you as members of your Professional Development Plan (PDP) review team.

UW-Stout, in partnership with Quality Educator Interactive (QEI), a statewide collaborative project, provides Wisconsin educators an easy-to-use, web-based PI-34 PDP management system and Career Portfolio.  This site allows you to move easily through the PDP process as you dentify and develop your PDP goals, objectives, and completion timelines.  QEI offers Powerpoint Tutorials to help guide you through this process.