The Passing of Alec Kirby

AlecSocial Science Department is saddened by the loss of Associate Professor Alexander Kirby. Assistant Professor Alexander Kirby was a professor of history and political science at the department. He served in the department for twenty three years. The faculty, staff and students of the social science department have their deepest condolences with Alec’s family and friends.

Alec Kirby was a special member of UW-Stout's Social Science Department. He loved to teach, and he taught not only our students, but us. In the classroom Alec was treasured, especially for his courses on U.S. History, U.S. Politics, African-American History, and History of the Vietnam War. Alec's excellence and popularity, especially in his topical courses of his own design, was a delight for all of us to witness. Alec was also outstanding to listen to on the radio. When he would be interviewed on some topic or another, you were fortunate if you happened to listen in. You would hear Alec's ability to take his sophisticated understanding of something and make it accessible, and maybe with an oversight of never saying much to him about it, you remember that you marveled. During our department's last election for department chair, Alec received a popular victory. It was an affirmation of his great respect in the Department.

We will also ever-remember Alec as our friend. In addition to his extraordinary contributions to UW-Stout over multiple decades and in an amazing range of capacities, we remember Alec as a deeply generous and giving person. Alec looked to do everything he could for our students, and for us. A number of our Social Science Department's younger faculty members received Alec's invitation to stay at his home with he and his wife, when we visited town to find our own home, or when we first came to town to teach and had yet to complete a move. Included in Alec's invitation were partners and children, and more than one of us indeed took him up on it. We will remember Alec, long after his unexpected passing on January 13, 2014