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University Recreation administrator selected to officiate in conference college basketball tournament games.

March 3, 2014

Larry Mellinger, assistant director of University Recreation at UW-Stout, was selected to officiate in three women's college basketball tournament games in three different conferences within the region.Larry-Mellinger_2

As teams travelled throughout the state to compete in the Northern, WIAC, and Midwest Conference semi-finals last week, Mellinger was on the court.  Mellinger has now logged fourteen conference tournaments as a NCAA game official.

Being selected for tournament games is a notable achievement since conferences assign officials who have a track record of being consistent and competent. "Communication is critical when overseeing a game," stated Mellinger.  "Whether you're keeping players and coaches informed of decisions, explaining a call, or connecting with other officials, how you communicate has great impact on your success as an official," Mellinger explained.

Mellinger, who just finished his ninth season in college basketball, began his journey officiating as an undergraduate student at Ohio University. "I saw a flyer on campus looking for intramural referees so my buddy and I signed up." Mellinger has always had a passion for sports, particularly basketball, and finds that officiating is a great way to connect his career and passion. In the 16 years since that first intramural game, he has worked his way through the high school and collegiate ranks, including one season in the Division I Ivy League when he lived in Vermont.

Mellinger has come full circle since University of Ohio and now oversees the recreational programs for UW-Stout providing opportunities for students to get involved, develop skills and discover new interests in health, fitness, sports, and recreation. "Larry gets the importance of developing and providing student leadership opportunities. Larry's officiating career started in college and he is now paying it forward by mentoring and teaching skills that will influence students and staff throughout their lives," said Lori Anda, Director of University Recreation.

"Larry isn't just committed to creating strong programs and positive experiences for our students," stated Scott Griesbach, Executive Director of Student Life Services. "He's strives to provide positive experiences for college athletes across the state. Being selected to participate in multiple tournament games affirms his talents and abilities to work with athletes and coaches."

"It's been great to be able to participate in games after the regular season is over," Mellinger said about officiating tournament games."However, it will be nice to have more time in my schedule." Mellinger has logged just under 60 games this season.