Disabled Parking

Disabled parking spaces are available for any student or visitor with the need for an accessible parking space.

  • Students with a long term disability should contact Parking Services and request a year-term disabled permit.

  • Students with a temporary disability due to an injury or medical reason should contact Parking Services to obtain a short term permit and make arrangements to drive to class, if necessary.

  • A student should contact Parking Services in advance if they expect a guest with the need for disabled parking.

Disabled Parking Areas

There are signed disabled spaces near each residence hall, and many signed disabled spaces near center campus academic buildings.  Parking Services will assist students and guests in locating convenient, accessible disabled parking when we're contacted about a permit.

Disabled permits are also valid in any standard permit parking space, both in a residence hall lot and in a center campus commuter lot.  However, a Disabled permit is not valid overnight (2AM - 7AM) in a center campus commuter lot.

Students are encouraged to contact Parking Services if either the number or location of disabled spaces fails to meet their needs.  Parking will modify the location and number of spaces to meet student needs.