Residence Hall Permit Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't permits available for everyone?

First, one thing we want to emphasis is that permits are not allocated based on our assessment of your need.  Please do not call Parking Services to request a permit based on a student's job, need to return home, extracurricular activities, etc.  We believe that every student who requests a parking permit is doing so because he/she has a legitimate need to keep a vehicle at school and it would be impossible, and inadvisable for Parking Services to attempt to decide who has the greatest need.

Permits aren't available for everyone because there simply aren't enough spaces.  UW-Stout is one of the smaller campuses in the UW system and there are other, important uses of university lands, such as green space, pedestrian walk-ways, and recreational space.  Although the university's parking inventory has increased substantially in recent years, demand for parking has also increased.

Parking Services does make every possible space available.  Occasionally students see open spaces in parking lots and believe there must be permits available.  That's not necessarily true.  Spaces may be open because the permit holder is off campus at the time, at work, or maybe they left their car home for a week.  Whatever the reason, we guarantee the permit holder's space so we cannot sell the space twice, whether they're using it at the time or not.

Currently, there are sufficient parking spaces for all upper class persons, so students should only experience the parking shortage while freshman.

How will I know if more permits become available?

When permits become available Parking Services will randomly select students from the current waiting list, contact those students, and offer the permit.  The contact will be to the student's UW-Stout e-mail address.

How do I apply for a permit if more become available?

Assignment of permits will be from existing waiting lists.  If you've applied for a permit but did not receive one, you're automatically added to the waiting list.

When is a permit not required?

Residence hall parking lots require display of a permit 24 hours per day from 9 PM Sunday night through 1 PM Friday afternoon.  Permits are not required on the weekend which is defined as 1 PM Friday through 9 PM Sunday.  Students residing in residence halls should not park in other campus lots because these lots require their own distinct permit and prohibit overnight parking.  UW-Stout Parking Hours of Regulation are posted at the entrance of each legitimate parking area.  Any area not specifically posted and identified as a parking area prohibits parking 24 hours, every day.

Can I pick up a permit for a guest?

Yes, if a space is available.  Students are encouraged to stop by Parking Services prior to their guest's arrival.  Guest permits cost $3 per day.  Guest permits are more readily available on Thursday and Friday.  Keep in mind that if your guest is staying on the weekend ( as defined in the section above ) you won't need a permit to park in a residence hall lot.

Are permits available for occasional one-week periods?

Yes, based on availability .  We survey the lots on a weekly basis and try to make one-week permits available when it appears that permit holders aren't using all the spaces.  Students are encouraged to purchase their week permit in advance ($15).  If you bring a vehicle back to school after a weekend and haven't obtained a permit in advance, you should not park in a university lot.  There is no assurance a permit will be available.  You can contact the Parking Services Office Monday thru Friday, 7:45 a.m. - 4:25 p.m. to check availability.

I need a permit because of a temporary disability.

If you experience a temporary disability or physical impairment that requires that you bring a vehicle to campus please follow the instructions outlined in our Disabled Permit Section.

Are there alternatives to campus parking?

Very few.  Given a student's need for 24 hour parking, it is almost impossible to keep a vehicle at school without on-campus parking.  City street parking regulations (outlined later in this FAQ) make it very difficult to store a vehicle on the street.  Additionally, the university believes it is not a safe practice to park on a city street which tend to be dark, isolated, and less well traveled than the campus environment.  Occasionally, a few private businesses will sell parking spaces to students but their numbers are very small and it's uncertain from year-to-year who will do this.

What is the university doing to provide additional parking?

We're actively engaged in multiple efforts currently and in our future planning to increase the university's parking inventory.  We're currently pursuing negotiations with several private property owners to purchase land for parking development. 

City of Menomonie parking ordinances (laws)

City streets are not intended to be storage parking areas and are not conducive to residence hall student parking.

City Parking Regulations