Parking Permit Appeal

Special considerations

As you know, the supply of parking permits for residence hall students is limited.  Permits are assigned with first preference going to continuing students and remaining permits allocated to new students by lottery.  Those not chosen in the lottery and late applicants are placed on a waiting list.  Regrettably, the chance of those on the waiting list receiving a permit is small.

We understand the difficulty this presents to students who do not receive a permit, but our ability to honor requests due to extraordinary need/circumstances is limited by the lack of parking spaces.

We are providing this opportunity to appeal, however, because fairness requires that we listen if there is an extraordinary situation.

Please send any comments/requests to the e-mail link below.  Be specific and provide details/documentation when available.  Please also keep in mind that our ability to grant exceptions is constrained by the limited number of parking spaces available.  All appeals will be retained for possible future action, but individual appeals will not receive a response unless an exception is granted.