Parking Citations

A parking citation is issued to vehicles parked in violation of UW-Stout parking regulations.  The citation forfeiture schedule is listed below.  In addition to the original citation forfeiture, late fees may be assessed to delinquent citations.  Any citation not fully paid is considered delinquent.  Authority to regulate parking, issue citations for violations, and assess other sanctions derives from UWS Ch. 18.


If you do not pay your fine within 5 calendar days, the citation will be considered delinquent. Delinquent citations are subject to additional late penalties. In addition to the fine, the university may remove or impound your vehicle at your expense.

Citation Display

A previously issued citation cannot be displayed on a vehicle when it is parked at a later time and/or in a different location.  Display of a previously issued citation is considered prima facie evidence of intent to park illegally through deception.  Display of a previous citation, while a vehicle is parked illegally, will result in issue of a "fraudulent display" citation in addition to any action taken to sanction the vehicle's current parking violation.


A parking permit is the designated university identification card for authorized use of parking facilities. The permit is the property of UW-Stout and is provided for the use of a specific customer under the restrictions and guidelines outlined in the permit use agreement.  Resale, unauthorized transfer, use by a non-registered user, duplication, alteration, or misrepresentation is a violation under UWS Ch. 18 and 943.20 (1) (a), Wis. State Statutes.  Sanctions for misuse of a permit include fines authorized under Ch. 18 and revocation of parking privileges.

UW-Stout parking fines:

Violation Fine
Improper Permit Display
Over Yellow Line
Expired Meter
No Valid Permit
Short-Term Meter
Beyond End of Row
Administrative Charge for Guest Parking
Reserved Space $35
Prohibited Parking
Overnight Parking $25
Display of Previous Citation
Disabled Space
Sidewalk/Campus Grounds
Permit Misuse
Unauthorized Permit Use
Closed Parking Lot $100