Parking Permit Payroll Deduction


UW-Stout faculty and staff may pay for their parking permit through payroll deduction.  This page provides general information about this process.  If you have questions about the parking payroll deduction, please e-mail Parking Services at:

To initiate a payroll deduction

When you purchase your permit you are provided the option of establishing a payroll deduction for your permit cost. 

  • By completing and submitting the renewal application form you are authorizing the pre-tax payroll deduction. 

If you are waiving the pre-tax deduction option a signature is required, so you'll need to complete the following waiver form Waiver of Pre-tax Treatment Form  or E-mail Parking to ask for a paper form.

To stop a payroll deduction

Your parking permit payroll deduction may be terminated by return of your permit, and your request that the deduction be stopped.  Your request to stop your permit payroll deduction should be directed to Parking Services, not Human Resources-Payroll.  You will typically see one final deduction after return of your permit because the initial deduction doesn't begin until one pay period after you receive your permit.

Permit Cost

Permits are sold for the 12 month period beginning in mid-August.  Permit cost is pro-rated on a monthly basis after the first month of the academic year.

Initial cost of this year's permit is:

Number of Deductions

  • Parking fees are deducted once a month for both classified and unclassified employees. Deductions are taken from the first monthly paycheck from October through May.

Deduction per month

All deductions (classified and unclassified) are now taken on a monthly basis.

Campus Permit

Reserved Permit



Pre-tax payment for Parking

The Internal Revenue Code allows the University to implement a Pre-Tax Transportation Payroll Deduction Program. Under this program if you sign up for payroll deduction for the cost of your parking expenses, the amount of the deduction will not be included in your gross income for the computation of Federal or State income taxes or Social Security taxes. The amounts will not be included as taxable income on your W-2 form.

If you sign up for payroll deduction, but do not wish to have the deduction treated on a pre-tax basis, you must complete a Waiver of Pre-tax Treatment Form.  If you decline the pre-tax option, please print the form from the link above and return to Parking Services.

The pre-tax transportation program will have a minimal effect on some benefit programs. The program will reduce your social security earnings reported to the Federal Government. In most cases, however, there will be no effect on your Social Security benefits.

The amount of pre-tax deductions no longer affects the Maximum Exclusion Allowance related to the Tax Shelter Annuity and State Deferred Compensation Program. (The law recently changed and was retroactive to 1/1/2000).

There is NO EFFECT on earnings reported to the Wisconsin Retirement System or on the computation of other benefits such as sick leave conversion credits, income continuation insurance, life insurance, or unemployment or workers compensation benefits.

Check with Human Resources for more detailed information.