Parking With No Permit

Parking Without a Permit

Parking on the UW-Stout campus always requires display of a valid permit during hours of regulation.

Non Permit Holders

If you are a non permit holder and don't have a permit, you must park elsewhere until you are able to purchase and display a valid permit.

  • During the day it is suggested that you park at either a meter or a legal space on a City street.
  • Overnight it is suggested that you park on a City street that allows legal overnight parking.

Permit Holders

Permit holders are responsible for displaying their valid permit at all times.  If you've changed vehicles and left your permit at home you may park in your regular parking area, but you are responsible for picking up a replacement before 8 AM on the next business day and displaying that permit on your vehicle immediately (Office hours are 7:45 to 4:25 Monday through Friday).

If you were issued a citation before you displayed your replacement permit you should file an appeal.  Your appeal should identify your temporary permit number and the time you received it.  If records show you picked up a replacement permit, any citation issued before 8:30 AM that day will be waived.