Overnight Parking

While On An Off-Campus Trip

University staff and students frequently need an overnight parking space while traveling off campus. Please follow the directions listed below.

University Staff

Staff parking permits do not authorize overnight parking. Staff should not park overnight in their regular permit lot.

The driver of a fleet vehicle may park in the fleet area of Lot 27, south of the General Services building. Ask Fleet vehicle staff for directions to the fleet area within Lot 27.

Passengers of a fleet vehicle cannot park their personal vehicles in the Lot 27 fleet area. Passengers should obtain an overnight permit from Parking Services prior to parking overnight.

University Students

Residents students with residence hall parking lot permits should remain parked in their usual parking lot.

Any student without a residence hall parking permit must obtain an overnight parking permit from Parking Services.

Students traveling for athletic events, school sponsored events, etc must obtain their own parking permit from Parking Services. Coaches, advisors, or other university staff are not responsible for arranging overnight parking.