North Campus Lots

North Campus

A north campus residence hall parking permit authorizes parking in an available space in one of several parking areas.  You are not assigned a single parking area, and it is the permit holder's responsibility to find an available space.  Take care to always park in a legal space within these parking lots.

North Campus Parking Lots

Lot 3

  • Directly south of Fleming Hall
  • At the east end of 3rd Ave near Broadway
  • Entrances on 3rd Ave and Broadway
  • The Broadway entrance is only accessible when approached from the north.

Lot 9 

  • Northwest of Red Cedar Hall
  • West of 3rd St. W. between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave
  • Entrances on 2nd Ave and 3rd St. W.

Lot 11

  • Directly west of Red Cedar Hall
  • West of 3rd St. W. between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave
  • Entrance on 3rd Ave. 

Lot 12

  • One block west of Red Cedar Hall
  • West of 3rd St. W. on 2nd Ave
  • Entrance on 2nd Ave.
Lot 22 
  • Located two blocks west of Wigen Hall
  • On the north side of 1st Ave (the river side)
  • Entrance on 1st Ave near 4th St. W.

Lot 32   

  • Directly north of Red Cedar Hall
  • On 2nd St. W. between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave.
  • Entrance on 2nd Ave.

Staff-Only Parking Areas

The following are north campus staff lots where a residence hall permit is not valid.  Take care to know the location of these lots and refrain from parking in these locations.

Lot 8 

  • Located directly south of the LST Alumni building.
  • On Broadway at 4th Ave
  • Entrance on Broadway

Lot 20 

  • Located on the back side of Lot 21 (see Lot 21 for location)
  • This area is signed as Lot 20 and is separated from Lot 21 by a curbed island.

Lot 21

  • Directly north of Wigen Hall
  • On 1st Ave between Broadway and 2nd St. W.
  • Entrance is on 1st Ave.
  • Note:  The back section of this parking area is Lot 20.
Lot 25 
  • Behind JTC (signed spaces)