Department Operating Procedures

Multiple Parking Citations

Management of an orderly, effective, and efficient parking system requires an enforcement program that discourages violations and encourages turnover.  Parking Services' obligation is to maintain a parking system that meets the needs of the university and assures access to facilities and provision of parking services  purchased by staff and student customers.

In the interest of discouraging violations and ensuring availability of parking to our customers, it is recognized that longer term parking violations are more serious than short term violations.  Consequently, Parking Services reserves the prerogative to issue multiple parking citations for longer term violations.

Examples of circumstances under which multiple citations are issued:

Overtime violations in unloading spaces (timed or metered)

Additional citations may be issued when a vehicle is parked longer than the term of a time-limited space or a short term meter.  For example, one hour after the first citation in a one hour unloading area.

Overtime violations in a metered space

A citation may be issued every two hours to a vehicle parked at an expired meter.

Permit lot

A citation may be issued every two hours to a vehicle parked in a permit lot without display of a valid permit. 

Violations that span two separate regulatory periods

Multiple citation may be issued to a vehicle when it is parked spanning two regulatory periods.  For example a violation that spans the overnight prohibition time period, and the daytime permit enforcement period.  In this example these would be considered two distinct citations for two different violation types.

Service areas

Multiple citations may be issued for longer term violations that impair the efficient operation of service areas.

Prohibited Parking Areas

Multiple citations may be written based on a safety hazard, barrier of access to facilities, or the obstruction of free flow of traffic created by an illegally parked vehicle.