Your vehicle is a moped if it is licensed as a moped.  If so, "MOPED" will be printed on your Wisconsin license plate (or equivalent designation in another state).

  • Moped users must purchase and display a valid permit from Parking Services.
  • Mopeds must park in the commuter parking areas listed below.  Mopeds are not permitted to park in bicycle storage areas near academic buildings.
  • Exception:  mopeds may continue to park in bicycle storage areas directly adjacent to residence halls.
  • Caution:As has always been the case, a moped cannot be operated on a pedestrian walkway or campus bike route. Operation of a motor vehicle on a walkway is a violation of both university regulations and state traffic laws.
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Moped Permit Cost

Mopeds must display a campus motorcycle permit.  The permit costs $15/yr and is available from Parking Services

Moped Parking Areas Near Academic buildings

Mopeds must park in either:

  • A designated motorcycle pad in a parking lot
  • A designated moped pad/area


  • Reference campus map for cycle pad locations
  • Lot 1 (east of Fryklund)
  • Lot 10 (north of Heritage Hall)
  • Lot 18 (east of Jarvis Hall)
  • Lot 29 (south of Applied Arts)
  • Lot 4 (near the Sports & Fitness Center)
  • Lot 27 (south of the General Services Building)
  • Lot 30 (north of the University Services Building)
  • Lot 14 (near Bowman Hall / Millennium Hall)

    Location of moped-only pads:
  • South of Bowman Hall
  • Lot 14 (spaces south of Millennium Hall near VR)
  • Near the Swanson Learning Center  - 10th Ave entrance (south side of the concrete bollards - not on the sidewalk)
  • Near Lot 18 (west and south curbs)

      Moped Parking Areas Near Residence Halls:

  • South side of Fleming Hall, between the bike racks and the street (on the boulevard)
  • In bike areas directly adjacent to residence halls
  • Mopeds cannot be operated on sidewalks to access bike parking areas

Relevant laws:

  • Wisconsin registered mopeds must conform to the equipment specifications identified in 340.01(29m), Wisconsin State Statutes.
  • For those students who own moped licensed in the state of Minnesota the primary law that addresses moped/motorized bicycle usage is Minnesota State Statute 169.223.  Mopeds/motorized bicycles are defined in Minnesota State Statute 169.01, Subd. 4a
  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a booklet on scooter safety at this link:
  • Moped riders may not carry passengers
  • Moped riders must wear eye protection at all times
  • Mopeds cannot be operated on a sidewalk at any time.
  • Mopeds must be registered and display license plates