Citations Issued to Faculty/Staff

Parking Services is constantly striving to provide a parking system that meets the needs of all groups within the university.  A system that provides opportunities to "do it right", rather than one that results in parking violations.

If, however, you receive a citation for a parking violation, and believe that there are mitigating factors that should be given consideration, please feel free to raise those issues by filing an on-line parking citation appeal.

Please file the appeal rather than call Parking Services.  In the interest of equitable treatment of all customers, all citation appeals are directed outside the Parking Services office to the independent Parking Appeals Board.

Appeals are closely monitored for customer comments and opportunities to improve our system, however faculty/staff are also encouraged to provide feedback, and propose improvements.  Please send any comment, concern, or suggestion for improvements to our on-line Comment Form.

Citations Issued to Faculty/Staff Visitors

If, despite all of our best efforts, a guest receives a parking citation, Faculty/Staff are asked to assist that guest in appeal of the citation.  Although guest parking citations are not automatically dismissed, their visitor status and their possible unfamiliarity with campus parking is a factor given consideration by the Appeals Board.

Guests should be asked to appeal their own citations via any of the methods listed on the Parking Services Web Page appeals information page or on the citation, itself.  Taking the citation from a guest results in problems because that leads the guest to conclude that the citation is rescinded, and because the Faculty/Staff member who is given the citation is not in a position to explain the circumstances surrounding the citation.  Please, assist the guest by directing them to Parking Services, or directing them to their appeal options, but do not take the citation from them.  When a department or Faculty/Staff member takes a citation you are accepting responsibility for that citation.  If the Appeals Board rules against the appeal, the fine will become your responsibility.  Faculty/Staff are, however, welcome to file a statement in support of a guest's appeal.

Although guests are generally considered to be less familiar with campus parking and campus parking regulations than those with university affiliation, there are several categories of violations where guest status is not a persuasive mitigation.  Amongst those are:

  • Meters.  Any guest will be familiar with metered parking and be expected to purchase time on a meter.
  • Signed, reserved spaces.  Campus reserved spaces are very clearly signed as requiring a specific permit or type of use.  The Appeals Board has traditionally ruled that reserved signage is sufficient for any user, including guests, to understand and comply with.
  • Any parking that would constitute a safety hazard to other motorists and pedestrians.  Examples of this type of violation would be parking in a fire lane, drive lane, in a yellow zone, or on a sidewalk.
  • Any parking that may damage university grounds or facilities, such as parking on a lawn.
  • Any parking that would interfere with ready access to service areas, such as parking at a loading dock or in a service area.
  • Other criteria have been established by the Board, although the topics on this list may be applied less rigidly to guests.

In summary, the best way to deal with guest parking citations is to be so thorough about providing guests with information, permits, maps, and assistance that we guarantee a citation is never issued.  This is one way, and perhaps one of the most easily accomplished ways, to make our guests feel welcome and valued.