Parking During Evening Classes

Regulations governing permit display in a standard parking space end at 4 PM Monday through Friday.  Parking Hours of Regulation are posted on lot signs at the entrance of each parking area.  If there isn't a sign specifically identifying "open to the public" parking times, then the area is regulated 24 hours, everyday.

Parking Services encourages use of nearby, well-lighted, police patrolled campus parking lots during the evening.  Faculty teaching evening classes are asked to encourage students to park in a permit lot nearest their class building.

Students are cautioned to adhere to following guidelines:

  • Display a valid permit or pay a meter before 4 PM
  • After 4 PM park in only a standard permit space (unsigned/unreserved) or a metered space.
  • Do not park anywhere except a designated parking space.  Designated parking spaces are defined as a marked, striped space in a paved lot or against a bumper block in an unpaved lot.
  • Signed/reserved parking spaces such as Disabled, Physical Plant, Authorized Vehicle, etc are regulated for valid permit/authorization 24 hours every day.
  • Short term loading meters are regulated 24 hours, everyday.
  • Loading docks, Service areas, etc are regulated 24 hours, everyday.