Faculty/Staff Guests

It is essential that guests invited to campus are provided with parking assistance by those faculty/staff who invite them. Only you know who your guests are and when they will be on campus. One of the most troublesome public relations problems the university faces occurs when a guest is invited to campus, and receives a citation because parking arrangements were not made.

Guests are considered to be groups of five or under. Guest groups under five people are provided campus-wide permits and generally can park in any available standard-use parking space in any campus lot. Larger groups are handled somewhat differently, and are generally assigned to one specific lot. Consult the Meeting/Conference section of the Faculty/Staff web page for parking arrangements for larger groups.

Overnight stays:

If your guest is staying on campus overnight make sure we know about it. Most center campus commuter lots restrict overnight parking, and an overnight guest will be directed to a parking lot that accommodates overnight parking.

When you invite a guest you are responsible for:

  • Informing guests through registration forms, mailings, phone contact, etc. that all parking on the UW-Stout campus is regulated for valid permit or paid meter.
  • Informing guests that parking is regulated throughout the entire calendar year, and that guests are responsible for compliance with posted or published parking regulations.
  • Arranging parking through the Parking Services office . . .
  • Or directing the guest to the Parking Services office to arrange their own parking.

To arrange parking for your guest:

  • Contact Parking Services well in advance of your guest's scheduled arrival. You will want enough lead time to obtain and mail permits and maps to your guest(s).
  • Departments should submit a permit request to arrange for guest parking. Please note that permits will be mailed to your campus address for your distribution to guests.
  • Another way to arrange parking is to direct your guest(s) to the available public parking near the university. The University and the City of Menomonie have public meters conveniently located to campus buildings, and there are public spaces available on Menomonie City streets.

To direct your guest(s) to Parking Services:

  • Inform your guest(s) that UW-Stout parking is regulated and requires display of a permit.
  • Direct your guest(s) to stop by Parking Services prior to parking in order to pick up a visitor permit.
  • Let the guest(s) know that this will take only a minute or two, and that the Parking Services staff will direct your guest to the parking area closest to their meeting destination.
  • Important: Do not direct people attending larger meetings/conferences to stop by Parking Services prior to their meeting. Large meeting parking should always be coordinated such that those guests have their permit or parking area set up prior to arriving on campus.

Guests with a disability:

If your guest has a physical disability, call Parking Services to discuss special arrangements that meet your guest's accessibility requirements.

Last Minute Guest Permit Requests

Typically, a department should mail a permit/map so your guest will arrive on campus with a valid permit and instructions about where to park. If a permit hasn't been requested in time to mail, options include:

  • Contact the guest and direct them to park at a (paid) university or city meter. Campus area meters are ten hours long so even an all-day stay can be payed.
  • Send your permit request through the regular web request form and indicate when you need the permits. If we have space available (and that won't always be the case with late requests) we'll e-mail back that you may pick the permit up at our service counter. Then, you may direct your guest to park at a (paid) meter until they've stopped by your office and you've provided them with their permit.
  • Direct your guest to stop by Parking Services to request a day permit. Caution - while permits provided to guests through campus departments are currently free, all day-permits issued at the Parking Services service counter are sold for (fee schedule).
  • In certain cases we may be able to provide you with a permit that can be e-mailed to your guest. Departments are charged a $2/permit service charge for e-mail permits.