Students and Staff

Students and Staff with a disability, permanent or temporary, must display a valid permit to park in accessible locations near campus buildings.


  • State issued disabled permits or license plates are not valid in campus parking lots.
  • A UW-Stout disabled parking permit must be displayed.
  • Disability need may be documented by providing either verification of a state issued disabled license plate or disabled permit.

Permit issue:

  • Stop by Parking Services
  • Bring verification of your state disabled authorization
  • OR bring along or ask your physician to fax your disabled parking authorization (information below)
  • You're welcome to stop by Parking Services for a short-term permit immediately if you're waiting for a medical authorization
  • If you already have a parking permit, please bring it with you. We'll swap if for the disabled permit.

Disabled parking authorization medical form

  • If you don't already have a state disabled parking authorization, you'll need medical verification.
  • Link to medical verification form
  • Ask your physician to complete the medical authorization form and fax it to Parking Services at (715) 232-1142
  • If you happen to already have an authorization form on file with the Disability Services Office there is no need to do this again. Let Parking know and we'll ask that a copy be forwarded.


  • Permit cost
  • A one week short-term while you're waiting for a medical authorization will be provided at no cost.
  • If you already have a permit, bring it with you and we'll swap for a disabled permit at no additional cost.

We are only successful if we meet your individual accessibility needs. Please contact Parking Services immediately if there is anything you need.

Temporary Disabilities

Parking Services can provide disabled parking assistance for any period of time that meets your needs. Students and staff with short term disabilities are encouraged to contact Parking Services for assistance whenever you need it.

Students and staff permit holders may temporarily switch their regular permit to a short-term disabled permit at no additional cost.


Visitors are welcome to park in a UW-Stout disabled space when displaying their state issued disabled permit. A visitor may wish to contact Parking Services prior to their arrival on campus or as their first stop on campus to request assistance. Parking Services will assist you in finding the most accessible parking near your campus destination.

Please note: Your state issued permit is not valid in a campus metered space as it would be in a municipal metered space.

Parking Services tracks usage of state disabled permits. If you are a frequent visitor to campus, your vehicle may be tracked more often than we'd expect to see a visitor and you appear to be affiliated with the university. If you are not affiliated with the university as a student or staff, but will be making periodic visits to campus, we recommend you contact Parking Services to clarify your status.