Parking Services provides parking services to students, staff, and guests of the university.  Parking Services is a self-supporting auxiliary that is not funded by state taxes or student tuition.  Parking operations, maintenance, and development expenses are funded by revenue generated from sale of parking services.

Parking information must be obtained from Parking Services.  Incorrect information provided by another source is not considered a valid defense of a parking violation.

Parking on the entire UW-Stout campus is regulated throughout the entire calendar year, and any parking must comply with the guidelines established in this document.  All legitimate parking must be authorized by Parking Services by permit, meter, posted time limit, or phone authorization. 

Parking Enforcement

Parking Services is authorized by Wisconsin Administrative Code, 18.05 to regulate parking compliance through the issue of citations for violations of university parking regulations.  A citation is issued to any vehicle parked in violation of published or posted parking regulations.

Parking 101

  • Know the hours of regulations

  • Display a permit/pay a meter

  • Park in an area authorized by your permit

  • Park in a legal space

  • Call Parking with questions/special needs


Display of a permit is required.  Any vehicle parked on campus during hours of regulation must display a permit before it is parked.  A permit must be displayed hanging face out from a vehicle's rear view mirror.

Sale of one-year permits to staff and students begins in the summer and extends throughout the year.  Guest permits are available at $3 per day.  Parking spaces are for the primary use of the registered permit holder, and permits cannot be subleased or assigned to the use of anther person.  Any person who falsifies or makes false representation of vehicle registration information, a permit, or a citation is subject to revocation of parking privileges, and fraudulent use penalties.

If you forget your permit, you may pick up a short-term replacement from Parking Services.  Do not park in a permit lot until a permit is displayed.  Resident students returning on the weekend must park in a legal space in their regular lot.  You are required to pick up and display a permit from Parking Services by 8:30 a.m. Monday morning.

Special permits area's are available for a variety of uses such as unloading, traveling to another area of campus, expanding a posted time limit, overnight parking in a restricted area, disabled vehicles, and essentially any special needs.  Individuals are encouraged to contact Parking with their special needs, and cautioned that, without prior authorization, a vehicle is parked in violation.

Lost or stolen permits:  If your permit is lost or stolen, contact Police and Parking Services immediately to file a report.  Replacement permits are available at a prorated cost.

Refund of the prorated purchase cost is available at any time until March 31st.

Where to Park

Responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.  A parking permit does not ensure the availability of a parking space but grants authorization to park in specified areas when space is available.

Parking is prohibited at all times on university grounds, walkways, and any area not specifically designed as a parking area.  Parking is also prohibited where it creates a safety hazard, interferes with use of university facilities, interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or where it violates any provision of Wis Stats. 346.52 or 346.53.

Motorcycles must display a university cycle permit and be parked in a designated cycle lot. 

Mopeds must display a university cycle permit and be parked in a designated area.  Mopeds must display a state issued moped license plate.

Permit Lots

During hours of regulation a permit holder may only park in the specific lot(s) designated for his/her permit.  Year permits are alpha coded and information about which lots/spaces are valid for a specific permit was provided with the permit.  Week and day permits are valid in the lot(s) listed on the permit.

Parking is only permitted within the confines of a single marked space or against a bumper in a designated parking bay in a gravel lot.  Parking in another area must be authorized by Parking Services.  Resident students must pick up a special permit in order to park a vehicle on campus during the semester and spring break.

Metered Parking

Parking in a metered space requires purchasing time on the meter.  Parking is not permitted at a malfunctioning meter unless you call Parking Services immediately with the meter number, problem, and your license plate.

Permits are not valid in metered spaces, and parking from 2 am until 7 am Monday through Friday is prohibited in metered spaces.  There are a few short-term meters on campus that are regulated 24/7.

Hours of Regulation

Parking regulations are in effect throughout the entire calendar year except for university holidays and the free parking times mentioned in this section.  Residence hall lots require display of a permit 24 hours a day from 9 pm Sunday through 1 pm the next Friday.  No permit is required on the weekend.

All other lots require either display of a permit or payment of a meter from 7 am until 4 pm Monday through Friday.  Parking during the evening and weekend, unregulated times is free.  Specially signed spaces and areas where parking is prohibited are enforced 24 hours a day. (Hours of Regulation)


The registered owner of a vehicle and/or the permit holder is responsible for their vehicle's parking violations.  Citations issued to family owned vehicles of students may become the responsibility of the UW-Stout student.

Parking control signs or meter mechanisms that have been stolen, vandalized, or defaced are not a valid defense against issue of a parking citation.


In accordance with UWS 18.05 (6) any person who violates any provision of UW-Stout parking regulations may be issued a citation with a fine of up to $200.  (Schedule of fines)

Multiple citations will be issued to vehicles that are parked for longer than:

  • one hour in short-term unloading areas (metered or timed)

  • two hours in a regular metered space

  • two hours in a permit lot

  • or vehicles that are parked in violation over two enforcement periods, for example a permit violation and an overnight violation.

The original citation, citation number, or notice letter is required in order to pay a fine.  If you don't have that documentation, please check with Parking Services to ensure that your payment is credited to the correct citation.

Late fees of up to $25 may be assessed against any citation not paid by the citation's due date.  A citation must be paid in full to prevent the assessment of additional late fees.

Failure to pay outstanding citations may result in withholding of university records and class registration by the State Department of Motor Vehicles, or summons to Dunn County Circuit Court.

Vehicles parked in violation of university regulations may be towed and impounded.

Appeal of Parking Citations

Parking citations may be appealed.   A completed appeal (forms are available from the Parking Services office or the on-line form on the Parking web page) must be received by the citation due date.  Late appeals are considered at the accrued fine amount, including late fees, as of the appeal date.

A citation is not subject to late fees until the appeal is decided and the appellant is notified of the decision related to his/her appeal.

The appeal process was recommended and is monitored by the Parking Advisory Board, comprised of faculty, staff and student volunteers.  The Advisory Board serves as the final decision making body regarding any citation appeals.  The decision of the Advisory Board is binding on Parking Services and the appellant. 


Visitor parking during the day (7 AM through 4 PM) should be at a paid meter.  Visitor parking in permit lots is very limited and requires prior authorization via a permit.  Guests or their university sponsor must obtain a permit prior to parking.  If prior arrangements have not been made and a visitor arrives after Parking Services business hours the guest must park in a legal space off campus and contact Parking Services on the next business day.  Guests may park in a campus parking lot during hours when parking is not regulated.  (Hours of Regulation


If a vehicle breakdown, severe weather conditions or personal situation prevents you from moving your vehicle, contact Parking Services.  To obtain short term exceptions to parking prohibitions, individuals must immediately notify Parking Services or University Police.  A vehicle cannot be authorized to remain illegally parked in disabled spaces, blocking traffic lanes, fire lanes, or where it presents a safety hazard. 


Loading/unloading requires display of a permit issued by Parking Services. Use of signed short-term spaces is subject to no restriction other than the time limit. Unloading is also convenient in a metered space (with payment). 

Bicycle Parking 

Bicycles must be parked in authorized bike parking areas, typically a bike rack.  Bikes may not be parked in such a manner as to obstruct pedestrian traffic or access to buildings and may not be attached to light poles, trees/plantings, railings or other equipment or infrastructure.  Parking/securing a bike in any area outside of a designated bike parking area or bike rack is prohibited.  Bikes parked in violation will be ticketed/impounded.  It is recommended that you register your bike with Parking Services.  There is no charge for this service.

Security Tips

  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Roll up windows tightly.
  • Don't leave valuables in plain sight.
  • Keep your valuables in the trunk.
  • Park and walk in well lighted areas.
  • Check your vehicle frequently.
  • Report crimes or suspicious activity to University police.
  • Report ice or maintenance problem to parking.
  • Notify Parking or Police if your vehicle becomes disabled and needs to remain in a parking lot overnight.
  • Drive slowly through campus lost at a speed under 10 miles per hour.
  • Have your key in hand as you approach your vehicle.
  • Look under, around, and in the back seat of your vehicle as you approach it.  Observe nearby vehicles and any occupants of those vehicles.
  • Don't walk alone at night.