How to park legally - Every Time!

Park if you've forgotten your permit

Load or unload

Loading/unloading must take place from an authorized parking space/area.  Options include:

  • Permit lot (with valid permit) or paid meter
  • Service area with display of short-term permit from Parking Services
  • Other area (parking space or campus grounds) with display of special permit from Parking Services.

How to arrange parking for your guest

  • Guest parking requires display of a permit throughout the entire year
  • Pick up a permit for your guest before their arrival or direct your guest to Parking Services
  • Direct your guest to the assigned parking lot

How to arrange parking for a meeting/conference

Submit the Meeting Conference Request Form well in advance to allow time to mail permits and information to attendees.

Park if you're working/studying late, past 2 AM

Commuter parking lots and meters prohibit parking between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM.  If you are a permit holder, your commuter permit is not valid from 2 AM to 7 AM.  If you are either working or studying beyond 2 AM, contact Parking Services for an authorized parking area.  Students working late in the Applied Arts Building must be approved with a building pass from the Department of Art and Design.  That building pass procedure includes instructions for after-hours parking.