Parking How To's

How to park legally - Every Time!

Park if you've forgotten your permit

Load or unload

Although loading/unloading is a legitimate, ongoing need throughout campus, this need is not recognized as an excuse to park in a prohibited or reserved area.

Unloading Zones are available near many academic buildings and residence halls.  These unloading zones are typically located in a parking lot closest to the target building.  The spaces are generally metered and payment of the meter is required.  Unloading zone meters are regulated 24 hours, every day.  When the unloading zone is not metered, use is generally limited by time

If there isn't a convenient unloading zone, think about whether you can load/unload from a regular parking lot, permit or meter.  If you don't have a permit for the most convenient lot, just stop by Parking Services to request a courtesy loading permit for that lot.

If you need to load/unload from a restricted service area (signed or a loading dock) you must stop by Parking Services and request an unloading permit.

If you need to load/unload from an area that is not a parking space (sidewalk or campus grounds) you must stop by Parking Services and request an unloading permit.

How to arrange parking for your guest

Your guest must display a permit during hours of regulation and the university host is responsible for notifying guests of applicable parking regulations.

Stop by Parking Services to purchase a visitor permit prior to your guest's arrival on campus.

There are times (evenings and weekends) when a guest may park in a university lot without a permit.  Consult the Hours of Regulation to determine whether your guest needs a permit.

How to arrange parking for a meeting/conference

Faculty and staff who are scheduling meetings involving off-campus guests should fill out the Meeting Conference Request Form well before the meeting date to obtain and mail permits and parking instructions.  We want a visitor to arrive on campus with their parking permit, directions to a convenient lot, and information about parking. 

Park if you're working/studying late, past 2 AM

Commuter parking lots and meters prohibit parking between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM.  If you are a permit holder, your commuter permit is not valid from 2 AM to 7 AM.  If you are either working or studying beyond 2 AM you must contact Parking Services for an authorized parking area.  Students working late in the Applied Arts Building must be approved with a building pass from the Department of Art and Design.  That building pass procedure includes instructions for after-hours parking.