Disabled Parking

An important goal for Parking Services is to provide safe, accessible parking for disabled individuals. Our ability to provide excellent disabled parking services is enhanced by your comments and suggestions.

Parking Services is a self supporting auxilliary. Our customer's fees provide all funding to operate the parking system. There is no support of campus parking from either state tax dollars or student tuition. Consequently, all parking customers are required to pay for the services parking services provides.

Disabled parking permits are available at the standard calendar year, month, week, and day cost of campus parking. Parking in meters is also an option with payment of the meter.

Although a paid UW-Stout permit is required to park on campus, a state issued permit will be honored when used by visitors on a one-time or infrequent basis. Parking must be in a signed disabled space, not a meter or reserved space. Because all campus parking is regulated for UW-Stout permit, it is strongly suggested that visitors with state permits either stop by Parking Services (prior to parking) to pick up a one-day permit or call Parking Services to alert enforcement staff that you will be parked on campus.

State-issued permits

A frequent question is why does UW-Stout regulate disabled parking differently than is described in the literature provided with your state permit. The reason is that the DMV's literature is describing municipal parking, while university parking is more analogous to private parking. Section 346.50(2) of Wis. Stats. describes the "exceptions to stopping and parking restrictions" that apply to individuals displaying a special registration plate or special identification card. That language specifically identifies parking in municipalities, in other words parking supported by the public, not private parking.

Applicable state law

Wisconsin Administrative Code 1.05(2)

2) Accommodation for disabled employees. An employee’s disability shall be shown by a statement from a physician, an advanced practice nurse, a physician assistant, a chiropractor or a Christian science practitioner, indicating that the employee is disabled according to those standards established in s. 341.14, Stats. Parking for vehicles with special identification cards for the physically handicapped pursuant to s. 343.51, Stats., shall be provided as close as possible to an entrance which can be used by disabled employees. Disabled employees allocated parking under this section shall not be exempted from payment for parking privileges under s. 16.843 (2), Stats.