Citation Late Fees

Parking Citations are due in seven days from the date of issue.  Full payment of the citation fine must be received in the Parking Office on the seventh day after issue.  Consequently, if you mail the citation make sure there is adequate time for the Post Office to deliver your payment by the due date..

After a citation becomes overdue a $5 late fee will be added.

Overdue, unpaid citations will receive a series of three delinquent citation letters.  Each letter informs the registered owner of the unpaid fine amount, the current amount due and establishes a due date in two weeks.  There is a $5 late fee connected to each letter if the citation isn't fully paid by the due date.

When a citation isn't fully paid after the series of three letters additional administrative late fees of $10 are assessed for either Wisconsin state motor vehicle suspension or university records, class registration suspension.