Assignment of Reserved Parking

Reserved parking will be assigned based on the following guidelines.


  • A reserved parking permit is valid in the reserved section of a single lot.  A reserved permit is not valid in the reserved parking area of other parking lots.

  • A reserved permit is not valid in a C (campus) space except in Lots 27 and 29.

  • A reserved permit is valid in a lots reserved section, rather than a single reserved space.

Number of Reserved Spaces

  • Parking Services will use a guide of no more than 10% of the total permit parking spaces in a single lot for A-space designation.

  • The 10% guide was exceeded in the initial allocation of reserved space in order to allocate a reserved permit to anyone who had reserved parking under the old system

  • Reserved parking will be located in a distinct, contiguous area within a lot.  The practical application of that guide may result in there being slightly more or less than the 10% figure.

  • The 10% level may be exceeded to provide reserved parking to students.


  • A reserved permit is priced at approximately three times the cost of a standard commuter permit.


  • "First come, first served" when there are spaces available under the 10% guideline identified above.

  • When a reserved section is full, assignment of openings are made from an applicant waiting list in order of seniority date on the applicant list.

  • New applicants are added to the bottom of the waiting list.

  • If a space is offered and declined the person is removed from the waiting list.

  • If an A-permit holder's workplace changes they may be added to the top of a waiting list nearer their new workplace.