Parking Advisory Board


  • To incorporate the advice and counsel of university governance groups into campus parking regulation decisions and practices.

  • To discuss and offer advice on established and recommended parking regulations.

  • To review appeals of parking citations and recommend action.


  • Faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate

  • Academic staff member appointed by the Senate of the Academic Staff

  • Two students appointed by the Stout Student Association

  • Classified employee appointed by the Director or Police & Parking Services

  • Parking Services representative serving as an ex officio member

Parking Citation Appeals

  • The Board considers second-stage appeals of the Parking Services initial appeal decisions.

  • A written appeal is required although the appellant may also choose to attend the meeting and speak to the Board.

  • Appellants must post the forfeiture amount in order to file a second-stage appeal. The forfeiture is refundable in whole or in part based on the Board's recommendation.

  • The Board's review is limited to appeals filed in a timely manner. A first-stage appeal is due within seven days of citation issue, and a second-stage appeal must be filed before the due date of the first-stage appeal decision letter.


  • The Board is a non-hierarchical group that values open discussion and cooperative decision making and attempts to arrive at consensus.

  • When necessary, the Board's recommendation is established by a vote of the majority of members present.

  • The Board will consider:

    • Information provided by the appellant describing mitigating circumstances and/or special considerations related to the parking violation.

    • Information provided by Parking Services describing regulatory objectives of the enforcement action, the regulation under which the citation was issued, information available to the driver that would have identified the regulation, and other circumstances or contacts relevant to the citation.

  • The Board will recommend:

    • Dismissal of the fine

    • Reduction of the fine

    • To uphold the fine

  • Parking Services will schedule meetings, request member appointment when vacancies occur, provide information related to appealed citations, record the Board's recommendations, and correspond with appellants.

Advisory Capacity

  • Review of individual citations is an essential outcome of the appeals process but equally important is the broader context of review of the primary objectives of regulatory activities, effectiveness of presentation of parking regulations, problem-solving related to parking regulation, and integrating parking regulation into the university's mission.

The parking appeals process should serve as a dialogue between the Advisory Board and Parking Services that encourages and facilitates the continuous improvement of the parking system.